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CFCF provides a number of services to stakeholders in the Caribbean fine cocoa sector and to people seeking to become part of the supply and value-add chain of this sector. Some of these services are listed below.

Field Based Services

  • Acquisition / Buying / Leasing existing fine cocoa estates in need of rehabilitation
  • Developing a new cocoa estate as a start-up operation
  • Establishment of local Fine Cocoa Co-operatives
  • Business modelling for Cocoa Farm operations
  • Advisory Services for improving cocoa estate viability

Cocoa Beans

  • Supplier of diverse cocoa beans to meet flavour profile requirements
  • Marketing and branding services for fine cocoa beans
  • Quality assurance for single origin bean supply
  • Export and distribution of small volume bean supplies

Value-add Processing of Cocoa Beans

  • Processing beans to unique value-add products – cocoa butter, liquor, mass, couverture etc.
  • New product development & market entry
  • Sale & distribution of fine chocolate products
  • Business advisory services – finance, marketing, business expansion, operations management.