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About Us

The Caribbean Fine Cocoa Forum (the Forum), is a not-for-profit private limited company established in Port of Spain, Trinidad in December 2010 created to bring together the highly fragmented regional fine cocoa sector to jointly address the many issues impeding its growth and development.

Revitalise. Retrain. Realise. Retain.

The Forum secured approximately USD $3 million in funding from the European Union (EU) to work with Partner organisations and help revive the fine cocoa industry in the Caribbean. Since its inception, the Forum has successfully undertaken 3 fine cocoa production-related programs and a series of events focusing on end-market opportunities. These initiatives are outlined below.


Maya House of Cacao & Chocolate Museum (Belize)

The objective of this 3 year project is to increase rural employment and household income opportunities by integrating the indigenous Belize cacao industry into agro-processing & eco-tourism sectors, focusing on the Mayan Communities of Toledo. The project will train local people for livelihoods related to all aspects of the cacao value-chain, including value added products.
The project is also managing the construction of the Mayan House of Cacao & Museum, which will target the country’s expanding eco-tourism industry. The project is being implemented in partnership with the Toledo Cacao Growers Association a community based cocoa organisation located in southern Belize. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2015.


Re-engineering the Cocoa Rural Economy through Agro-Processing, eco-Tourism and Entrepreneurship (Jamaica)

This project aims to re-engineer the cocoa sector economy, within the existing constraints of the rural environment, so that a modern viable cocoa industry can successfully attract new investors, generate employment and self-employment in rural communities. Project activities included the provision of more modern cocoa infrastructure such as nursery services, field services, and value-add processing through training, development, and collaboration in a joint private/public sector initiative.
The Forum’s principal partner was the Cocoa Industry Board of Jamaica. At its conclusion in March 2013 the project had launched 6 new cocoa nurseries and provided technical assistance and skills training to 350 rural farmers, including 150 women.


Optimisation of Cocoa pollination for increased Cocoa Yields and Income Generation (Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica)

P.O.P. seeks to increase cocoa bean yields from existing cocoa trees for local rural farmers across the Caribbean. The project supports research to improve yields of cocoa through optimal pollination.
The main Partners are the Natural Resources Institute (University of Greenwich, UK), the University of Trinidad & Tobago, CABI, and the Cocoa Industry Board of Jamaica.

International Conferences

The Forum has hosted 4 Caribbean Fine Cocoa Conferences (2010, 2011, 2012) attracting 400 participants including representatives from the region’s cocoa sector as well as actors from the USA, UK, Germany, Belgium, and Central America (e.g. AMAJARO, Mars, and Hershey’s).

All of the initiatives outlined above have served as valuable sources of market knowledge regarding both supply and demand side issues. They have also allowed the Company’s management team to build a strong set of relationships across the entire value chain including fine cocoa producer groups value chain stakeholders, and international buyers.